April 23, 2010

Our favourite projects over the coming months: Million Paws Walk

With just over three weeks left before the Million Paws Walk, the marketing team at RSPCA ACT is busier than ever, making sure everything is ready for the big day.

As well as being our biggest event, the Million Paws Walk is one of the team’s favourite events where staff can share their passion with thousands of supporters and dog lovers from around the region.

Of course, the Million Paws Walk is also an enormous fundraising effort, which helps us help animals in need. This year we are hoping to raise over $50,000 online and a total of $150,000 for the entire Canberra event.

In 2009, 9,000 people and 3,500 dogs walked and we would be thrilled to see this number rise again this year.

Want to be part of it? Register online at

Do you want to help on the day? We are still looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Marcia Cobb at

Alternatively for those who cannot make it on the day or wish to donate more, an online fundraising page has been set up at

Any donations are welcomed.

April 14, 2010

Swan Lake

Nine months after being brought to the RSPCA ACT for a leg injury, Victoria, an adult black swan, has been released in her natural habitat at Lake Ginnindera, North Canberra

It took several surgeries and hours of physiotherapy for Victoria to be able to walk again, thanks to the ongoing effort from the veterinary and wildlife staff.

To help with the healing process, RSPCA Wildlife Assistant Helen Hardy took Victoria under her care at her home where a pool and a large garden became the swan’s temporary habitat.

Helen knew Victoria was ready to go back into the wild when the black swan flew off the garden walls. Luckily, Victoria was quickly found, safe, in a pond nearly three kilometres away. 
 “Once an animal is ready, you can’t hold it back,” Helen said.

A short time after, RSPCA staff took Victoria and Albert, a young male swan also ready to be released, to the lake where they came from. 

After an emotional goodbye on the lake shore, the two swans gracefully swam away to join other swans.
“We are hoping Victoria will find her mate,” Helen said, adding that swans have lifelong partners. Providing their natural environment is undisturbed, Victoria and Albert can now have a successful life at the lake where they belong.

Did you know RSPCA ACT is Canberra’s only licensed wildlife carer? Did you know you can become a wildlife volunteer carer or help us care for more wildlife in need by donating to the RSPCA ACT online?