July 20, 2010

Punish Deed, Not Breed

CEO of RSPCA ACT Michael Linke wished Harry, the Maltese cross attacked by two dogs over the weekend, a speedy recovery.

“My thoughts first go to Harry and of course to the family who have suffered this horrendous attack.  I am always saddened when I hear about a dog attacking another dog or a human. Dog attacks simply should not happen and would not happen if it wasn’t for a handful of irresponsible dog owners. That’s the ban we really need – on owners not dogs.  

“Why were these dogs out of their backyard? Where was the owner?  Why weren’t they on leads?”

Governments and Councils need to have in place appropriate legislation to protect the community against potentially dangerous dogs and in the ACT we have very good laws.  We don’t believe banning a specific breed is the answer.  We need laws to protect responsible owners and weed out irresponsible owners and ensure no dog that could pose a danger is ever homed in the ACT.  RSPCA has well framed and defined policies on this issue.  Any dog is capable of any deed and as such all dogs should be screened for aggression, not any one specific breed.

“We screen every dog we home at RSPCA for aggression, and if we believe the dog poses a threat we will not home the dog.” Michael concluded.

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  1. Our Staffy (Staffordshire Bull Terrior)is the most sociable dog you could meet. He loves children and adults of all ages. He is so very patient when older adults and children who take time to attach his lead. He loves our cat, bird and Jack Russell and they all sleep, eat and play together (well, not the bird so much). He walks very well and wouldn't need a lead if there were no other bad dogs around and it wasn't the law. He knows what he is allowed and what isn't. He has never in his life growled. He was brought up as part of the family and was tought right from wrong, as you would a child...Love and training/teaching.

    I have met Staffy's that I don't like and I would not trust, (mostly they are only part Staffy), but our boy was taught well and
    is loving.

    I'd hate for the all Staffies to be classified as bad dogs just because some owners have no idea and are cruel.