September 2, 2011

Another wonderful Spring

Wow, time again to update you on our latest activities and events, and of course, enjoy the experience of another wonderful Spring.
Spring is a fantastic time of year and everyone in Canberra comes out of hibernation, and we enjoy the new blooms and unfortunately at RSPCA we see lots of unwanted litters of kittens arriving at our shelter. We are gearing up for this, and will be running an extensive campaign to encourage desexing and that these neo natal kittens desperately need their mothers, and should remain with their mother for their first vital weeks.

We continue to be busy here with new dogs and cats arriving every day, and many of them have been here for quite a long time. We can do with your help to encourage your friends, family and associates to adopt their new friend from RSPCA, and not only give one of our animals a new home, but also assist us to provide care for the thousands of animals that come to the shelter every year.

As the weather warms we are encouraged by our Inspectors to raise awareness of providing some of the basics for your dog. We need to make sure that all your pets have plenty of large water containers, and our inspectors recommend having multiple sources in case one fails. Too often they see water left in a metal container in the sun, and not only is the bowl hot, but the water evaporates quickly.
They also have a lot of calls from dogs that have accidentally gotten themselves tangled, around objects and bushes in the yard, or inadequate shelter from the sun.  Dogs should not be tied up too closely to the fence line – they can jump and hang themselves.  Dogs do die in hot cars but also can die very quickly if they end up tangled without being able to access water and shelter.     
Enjoy this great weather, and all the fun of Spring, and we will bring you updates on all of the festivities and activities that will occur towards the end of the year, and we hope you will join us.

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