March 29, 2010

A walk at the RSPCA ACT shelter: Cattery

Entering the main cattery building, the first thing that catches your attention is the high number of cats currently available for adoption. “Too many cats, too many kittens,” says adoption assistant Maria when asked how many cats there are.

In the cattery, cats are everywhere. On a sunny day like today, kittens are out playing together and older cats chill out in cat enclosures. Inside, those needing a quieter environment can rest peacefully.

While the breeding season is practically over in the ACT, the shelter is still caring for many cats. In fact, more than 30 kittens and 60 cats are ready to be matched with new families.

In addition to those, another 60 kittens are waiting to be de-sexed or recovering from the cat flu, while many more are with foster families.

The foster program plays an important role at the RSPCA ACT. From as young as four weeks, some kittens are fostered by families who help them socialise. During our busiest months when space is an issue, the foster program allows us to take on and care for more kittens.

Each season, an average of 1500 cats are taken care of by the RSPCA ACT.

The cattery staff are also responsible for rabbits. At the moment, there are 28 rabbits on site and just last week, four babies were born.
Did you know you can adopt a rabbit from the RSPCA ACT?
What do you think of the high number of cats currently available for adoption?
Did you know you can help by becoming a volunteer or a foster family?

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