March 10, 2010

A walk at the RSPCA ACT shelter: the Kennels

There is a lot going on at the RSPCA ACT shelter. If you’ve never visited us, here is your chance. Follow the words each week as I take you around parts of our shelter.

First stop - the kennels 

This is where we keep dogs and puppies that are available for adoption and those who have just arrived at the shelter for various reasons. As part of their routine, staff and volunteers clean kennels, feed dogs and provide them with adequate exercise.  When a newcomer arrives, a few extra steps - such as a visit to the veterinary clinic and a behavioural assessment - are followed to ensure the pet is healthy and ready to be rehomed.

Contrary to common belief, dogs at the RSPCA ACT shelter are not all here because of behavioural problems. Reasons for them being available for adoption include, owners moving overseas, owners having financial hardship, elderly owners not having enough mobility to care for their pets, or they simply got lost and have never found their way home.

In fact, you will find that most of the dogs available for adoption are loving companion animals waiting to be matched with the ‘right’ person or family. The RSPCA ACT shelter has a no-kill policy, so as long as dogs are healthy and behaviourally sound, they will stay with us until they find a new home.

Next tour: the Wildlife Clinic
When: Next week

Have you ever visited the RSPCA ACT shelter?

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  1. My dog came from the RSPCA and she is the most beautiful loving dog you could ever meet. The shelter staff where open & honest about her issues and have assisted me in minimising these. Could not be happier.