March 31, 2010

A walk at the RSPCA ACT shelter: Pet Adoption Centre and Store

Being the front door of the shelter, the Pet Adoption Centre is where the action is. From incoming calls to strays and adoptions, staff at PAC (as we like to call it) juggle with a wide variety of tasks. 

Today, for example, a man came to the shelter to reclaim Romeo, his papillon-cross dog. Romeo was dropped at the shelter last night after escaping from his yard. Because he had a microchip, staff were able to locate his owner easily and reunite them. These happy reunions, says Pet Adoption Centre supervisor Reeni, are one of the reasons she likes working at the centre.

Other success stories that all staff seem to enjoy involve older animals, or long-term residents going home to a new forever home. “We love to know the animal goes to a good home,” says Reeni.

As well as building relationships with customers, staff also play an education role. Whether it be by giving advice on pets or telling people of the importance of desexing and microchipping, staff like to remind people of responsible ownership of pets.  “A pet is a life-time commitment,” says Reeni.

The Pet Adoption Centre is also home to the store, where products such as pet food and toys are for sale. Of course, being an animal welfare organisation, products are chosen with care and this why we do not carry things like choker chains, which can hurt dogs.

Did you know you can call the RSPCA ACT for advices on pets? Did you know the RSPCA ACT has an online store?

Good Friday - 2 April - CLOSED
Easter Saturday - 3 April - OPEN 9am to 4pm
Easter Sunday - 4 April - OPEN 9am to 4pm
Easter Monday - 5 April - CLOSED

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