March 17, 2010

A walk at the RSPCA ACT shelter: Wildlife

As Canberra’s only licensed carer, the Wildlife centre at the RSPCA ACT is a busy place to be. Here, staff are working seven days a week to ensure injured, sick or orphaned native animals are being taken care of.

Right now, more than 200 animals are in care. From reptiles and birds to bigger mammals such as wombats and possums, “we take whatever turns up,” says Wildlife manager Natasha Ackland. Some animals require surgery and intensive care, while others only need a non-stressful environment to recover before being released back to the wild.

Road trauma or poisoning are two frequent reasons for native animals to be treated at the centre. But depending of the season, wildlife staff also face additional challenges. This autumn, a high number of bats have already been treated for injuries caused by fruit nets, and staff are expecting that many more will require help before the winter.

In total, the RSPCA ACT assists 3,500 native animals each year.

Do you have any questions regarding the wildlife centre?  What is your favourite native animal?

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